Prenatal Yoga:
All expecting moms week 0-42

In our modern western culture we are rushing in time and space. For pregnant women it’s important to center and connect to their pregnancy, to their body and the baby. Between work, relationship, family, the demands of daily life and social life…there is little time for self care. Especially in this transformational time self-love and care can make a big difference in how you perceive your pregnancy, labor and birth.

I’ll prepare you physically and spiritually for your experience. We incorporate all Yogic elements, like breathing, meditation, Yogic teachings for the modern life and asana, the postures. Slow and deep yin elements, more vigorous flow, long holds to build endurance, balance and strengthening.

Each class is different, shaped by the season, the weather and the energy of the students. At the beginning of each class we have a check in for about 15-20 min. Each week we’ll find a topic to talk about and share experiences. This is great time to get to know each other, build community with other expectant moms and get support. You all are going through the same things. During our 75 min class we spend about 50 min moving. My classes are a good mix of challenge and relaxation. Just the right amount to prepare you for labor and birth. You are always welcomed to modify or ad on.