Natural childbirth:
Ina May Gaskin: Spiritual midwifery
Ina May Gaskin: Ina May’s guide to childbirth
Ina May Gaskin: Birth Matter’s: A midwife’s Manifesta
Pam England: Birthing from within
Gayle Peterson: Birthing normally
Grantly Dick-Read: Childbirth without fear
Valerie Harper: Gentle Birth Choices
Aviva Jill Roman: The Natural Pregnancy Book
Elizabeth Davis: Orgasmic birth
Marie Mongan: Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method
Henci Goer: Obstetric Myths Vs. research Realities
Janet Balaskas: Active Birth
Claudia Panuthos: Transformation through birth
William Sears, M.D., The healthy pregnancy book
William Sears, M.D., The birth book

For Partners:
Armin A. Brott: The expecting father
Chris Pegula: From Dude to Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide to Pregnancy
Penny Simkin: The Birth Partner
Mathew Miller: A Dad’s guide to pregnancy
William Sears, M.D., Keys to becoming a father
Sally Plackson: Mothering the new mother

Complimentary Medicine:
Denise Tiran: Aromatherapy in Midwifery Practice
Rosemary Gladstar: Herbal healing for woman
Susan Weed: A wise woman herbal for the childbearing year

Tina Cassidy: Birth: the surprising history of how we are born
Marsden Wagner: Pursuing the birth machine
Jennifer Block: Pushed: The painful truth about childbirth and modern maternity care
Jessica Mitford: The American Way of birth
Suzanne Arms: Immaculate Deception I and II
Postpartum, Breatsfeeding and the newborn:
Robin Lim: After the birth, a woman’s way to wellness
William Sears, M.D., The baby book
Aviva jill Romm: Natural health after Birth
Suzanne Arms: Bestfeeding: How to breastfeed your baby
Althea Solter: The aware baby
Klaus Kennel: Bonding

Recommended Movies: (on netflix)
Ricky Lake: Business of being born
Ricky Lake More business of being born

Dana Ben-Ari: Breastmilk
Steve Bounaugurio: Pregnant in America