Physiologic Postpartum Care

“The sacred postpartum time is vulnerable and often neglected in a woman’s life. Support is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!”

There is a physiological basis for the need of postpartum care.
In native cultures throughout our world we can observe an extended care period for Mothers after birth.
During approximately the first 40 days after birth, women traditionally received lots of bodywork, healing foods and heat-inducing therapies—all focused on healing and fortifying the mother’s strength.
This type of postpartum care came from the cultural recognition of the tremendous work Mothers do growing and birthing babies. Postpartum care was understood as a necessity—so that Mothers could most effectively raise the next generation.
Women deserve support in this time of recuperation. Babies deserve the time to gently arrive, attach to their parents and establish a breastfeeding bond.
As your Postpartum Doula I provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for these first challenging months after the baby arrives. I offer Physiologic Postpartum Care so that you can most optimally heal and integrate after the tremendous work of your pregnancy and labor.
My goal is to nurture you, the parents into your new roles.
I’ll help you understand your babies’ communication and needs and teach you skills that will improve the important bonding with your baby while I foster independence and balance for the entire family.


Over Night Support

I will come to your home at the desired time of the evening to help with night time routines, breastfeeding assistance and infant care. If you are breastfeeding and chose to pump in advance, I’m happy to feed your baby throughout the night.
You and your partner will have an easy night and long stretches of rest through the night.
You’ll wake up rejuvenated and ready to seize the day.
Ongoing night care beyond three months can be discussed per your needs.

Download my contract for Postpartum Care here