Coaching for Individuals

Do you want to connect with your deeper self?


Intimacy and Sexuality can be taboo topics in our society.Love-TodayDeck
Yet, all of us search for intimacy in our lives. Sexuality is one of the most powerful energies in our body, the one that creates new life. Therefore Pregnancy and Birth are meant to be a continuum of intimacy and sexuality with our partner.
  • Maybe you noticed your mood and changing body is influencing your intimacy in pregnancy or after you gave birth?
  • Maybe your sex drive is low and you don’t know how to get it started?
  • Maybe body image issues are in the way of fully embracing your sexual nature?
  • Maybe you want to spice things up with your partner but are too shy or unexperienced to bring it up?
With my accepting guidance you will learn to release any shame or guilt, open yourself up and fully embrace your true mystical nature. We will use tools from the vast Tantric practices and relaxation techniques such as:
  • Bodywork & stretching
  • Various breathing exercises
  • Vocalizations and visualizations
  • Eye Gazing
  • Fragrances and Aromatherapy
  • Laughter and tears
  • Meditation and focusing
  • Mindfulness and body awareness practices
  • Deeply relaxing or energizing music

Every session is as unique as you!

Much more engaging than a typical talk session, my work combines therapeutic counseling and somatic energy practices , allowing you to feel deeply understood and empowered, lavished with abundant affection.

We will talk, touch, laugh and sometimes even cry. Emotional release is embraced and lovingly welcomed.

You will gain an experience of yourself that challenges your deeply-held beliefs and assumptions about the way things have been for you, inviting in bold new potentials to take root…

This work is deeply transformational in nature, creating powerful changes from the ground up. Together we will create an authentic, therapeutic relationship that provides the container for your growth, nourishing you and reinforcing the positive momentum you’re creating for your life.

Sometimes a shift can happen in just a few sessions, but one’s potential often takes time to fully unfold. Our relationship can span a course of weeks, months, or even years, depending on how deep you are wanting to go.

Committing to this change could prove to be the most important thing you have ever done for yourself.

Are you ready to dive in?

You will welcome your new awareness and fulfillment which will flow into your daily life and leave you empowered and at peace.

There is no previous experience required.

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Coaching for Couples

How can we connect with each other again?


physical-intimacy-in-relationshipsTake some time out of your busy day to pay attention to your partner and your relationship.

Let go of all the challenges and troubles, all the tasks and errands.
Connect. Sit. Touch. Breathe.

Have you and your partner fallen into a “comfortable groove” with your sexuality that leaves you feeling bored and uninspired? Maybe it’s hard to find the time for truly satisfying intimacy, or perhaps you and your partner seem to want different things in the bedroom.

If there is something missing from the emotional connection, a lack of trust, or tendency toward conflict, it can derail a couple’s sex life, leading to a downward spiral of disconnection and dissatisfaction. However, with a clear intention to change course and a willingness to examine one’s own role in the dynamic, couples can often make a fresh start, seeing one another and their relationship in a new light and moving forward with loving presence and curiosity.

I can help you to:

  • Understand what your partner is wanting and needing to feel truly fulfilled
  • Learn to communicate clearly and compassionately to easily resolve conflicts
  • Identify the roadblocks to having the passionate relationship you both really want
  • Create a new space of possibility with one another for a more satisfying sexual and emotional connection to emerge
  • Discover a spiritual dimension of your sexuality through the tantric teachings

I can teach you how to

  • connect in the most sensual way with your loved one
  • be 100% present with each other, enjoying every moment of being together.
  • have loving open communication, letting go of misunderstandings, hearing each others deepest fears, wounds and desires
  • explore each others body with mindful sensitivity, your breath and voice

I will be your muse, your guide, your support.

You both will leave the session with an amazing feeling of deep connection, new understanding and an awareness of your highly erotic energy that you will keep for a long time. An unparalleled experience for all couples.

There is no previous experience required.

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