Labor/Birth Support

I would love to be present at your birth and support you and your partner through the transformation of labor.
My Birth Doula Services include a free 20 minute consultation to discuss what you are looking for and if we’ll be a good match.

I offer unlimited email/phone/text support, as well as full access to my client resources throughout our entire engagement. I provide dedicated 24/7 on-call labor support from week 37 to your birth and will introduce and connect you to my amazing back up Doula, just in case.

We’ll meet twice for a 2h prenatal coaching to discuss your birth plan, standard practice in local hospitals, informed consent, collaboration with your care providers, newborn procedures, labor positions for comfort and progress, relaxation tips, and what to do when labor begins.

You and your partner will get continuous support during your labor and delivery, including comfort and progress tips, mama / baby positioning techniques, massage, acupressure, aromatherapy; as well as assistance with your initial breastfeeding, and 1-2 hours of support immediately following the birth.

I’ll meet with you 3 times for 2h postpartum coaching to review your birth, share pictures and provide tips for healing, newborn care, and breastfeeding assistance, as well as make any referrals necessary.

Download my contract here:

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