Prenatal and Birth Coaching

In my coaching sessions I will educate you about healthy pregnancy and natural birth and your rights and options in the birthing process.
You learn skills to ease stress and pressure, how to cope with pain and discomfort.
You’ll learn how to relax and ground yourself, be present in the moment and aware of your body.
I support you in finding good nutrition choices and making life style changes.

As your coach I’m here to listen without judgment, help you get through the tough times, embrace the changes and help you understand your challenges.
I will be a source of knowledge and a shoulder to lean on.
You have the power. I will be your guide.

I recommend beginning coaching sessions as early on in pregnancy as possible. So that you can start building awareness of your body and making changes in your nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and attitude that will help you to a smoother pregnancy and birth. Your partner is invited and encouraged to join any or all sessions.

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Coaching for Dad/Partner

Wow, this is all very new for the expecting father/partner. Your partner is witnessing the changes in you meanwhile going through his/her own process.
This new responsibility can be overwhelming.

The partners are supposed to take some of that “new –baby- load” off the mama, but they themselves are overworked and most likely under slept and have to be present at work. Fathers/Partners sometimes feel useless and have a hard time finding their new identity.
A Lack of intimacy and understanding makes it hard to stay connected as a couple; reassurance is most important on both ends.

In my sessions I support fathers/partners through their own progress. Through education and examples he/she will find more understanding and compassion for his/her partners situation, so that no resentment or disappointment arises. The Dad/partner will learn how to navigate through this rough time without loosing track of his/her own desires and needs. We want to make sure that both partners feel heard and understood, feel save to share and ask.