We are the BirthKeepers!

A grassroots movement for social change and nonviolent rEVolution, now.

We are joining together and working for a
New Family paradigm.

Family Rising

Global, collaborative, non-hierarchical, all-inclusive and ACTION oriented;

We march and rally peacefully!

We start by demanding guarantee universal mandatory 9-months of “Paid Parental Leave” (PPL) for all women as a national solution to ensure fundamental family values and give new families time to establish and bond.

We honor our innate knowledge, the birthright relationship

Mother-Baby Mother Earth.

We honor the first year after birth as the Primal Period.

The “outer womb”, crucial for the baby’s development.

We educate people on why birth matters and why we need to give mothers, fathers and babies financial security and TIME to bond as a family.

And we will tell the people why the effects of a lack of ‘Paid Parental Leave’ (PPL)

are effecting every single member of our society and the future of all of us and the well-being of our families and our society.

We are committed to a better future of maternal and family health by passing on female & intuitive ways of learning and knowing.

We are a joyful bunch of educated and passionate volunteers, visionaries and organizers, with thousands of followers all over the country, all over the world.

We are growing.

The time is NOW!

Come and March with us in Washington for Family Rising

the day after the 2nd International  BirthKeeper Summit (Saturday May 14th, 2016) on Sunday May 15th 2016, noon-5pm, Washington DC.

Join with us…under the banner of your greatest family concern…March with us!

Stay in tune and join us on facebook:

Posted by Family Rising on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

or visit our website www.familyrisingmarch.com and get all the information you need to support us.