Hello New Mamas and Papas, I’m Ilka,

your personal Birth & Postpartum Doula and Holistic Health Coach in a time of great transition.

I believe that nurturing your bonding family in this vulnerable time is most important and new parents need sensitive non-judgmental and heart centered support to adapt smoothly to the new life as a family!

A wild journey around the world and many detours let me to become a well- rounded and passionate birth worker, educator and birth activist. A strong force stirred me towards this calling five years ago.

I’m a natural nurturer and intuitive healer. My clients say I have a deeply grounding energy and they feel calm and at ease when I’m around.

Through my experience as a birth Doula I learned the importance and need for dedicated support for the first three months postpartum. The 4th trimester is sacred and has unique challenges. New parents appreciate my calm guidance and open communication.

I’m a certified Yoga Instructor and Massage Practitioner and aim to include body awareness practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Rituals and Massage in my sessions.

I see myself as an advocate for empowered mothers, balanced intimate relationships and healthy family connections.

Currently a second year student at the National Midwifery Institute. I strive to support more families and mothers to have the choice of birthing their babies at home, in a safe supported and familiar environment.

Please check out my website for more information, sessions and classes or call me for a free 20 min consultation.

I hope we will talk soon or I see you at one of my Prenatal Yoga classes… Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.15 pm at Fusionyogasac.com

Your Doula Ilka

“The sacred postpartum time is vulnerable and often neglected in a woman’s life. Support is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!”

As your Postpartum Doula I provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for these first challenging months after the baby arrives.

My goal is to nurture you, the parents into your new roles.
I’ll help you understand your babies’ communication and needs and teach you skills that will improve the important bonding with your baby while I foster independence and balance for the entire family.
As a Somatic Coach, I understand the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression and will find a gentle way to address the issue. I have a well of knowledgeable resources and together we’ll find the right support for you, if needed.

I’m a Dr. Sears trained Perinatal Health Coach, and understand the nutritional needs of a new mother; I offer Nutrition Counseling, help with meal preparation, Natural Breastfeeding and Postpartum Night support.
I embrace the emotional and physical needs of this delicate time with presence and openness to each family’s boundaries.


Ilka, how did you get interested in birth?

Ilka: In my training to become a yoga teacher and Massage Therapist I found myself being fascinated by pregnancy and birth. I specialized in Prenatal Massage and started teaching Prenatal Yoga. That gave me the opportunity to talk to many pregnant mamas week by week. I learned about new Mamas challenges and how to support them best. As a Birth & Postpartum Doula and midwifery student I understand the medical and emotional context of pregnancy and birth. Especially un- medicated natural birth caught my attention.

What is your goal as a coach?

Ilka: One of my goals in life is to empower woman and support couples in finding a way of living their relationship that best fits them best. As a coach I want to offer choices, present sources and guide my clients towards a happier, healthier and more fulfilled family live.

My sessions are educating and preparing, empowering and deeply relaxing at the same time.

You say, birth is something natural and normal. Why does a pregnant woman need a coach?

Ilka: In many native cultures we see that the older and more experienced women in the tribe support other women through pregnancy and teach them how to labor through their wisdom and knowledge. They help them prepare for the experience and build strength. And they are of big support after birth for the women and family.

In our modern society though we are often disconnected from our tribe, from our family. We live alone with our partner far away from our parents, grandparents and siblings. Often we have different lifestyles as our parents and women feel misunderstood when they bring up the topic of natural birth to their own mothers.
Through social media and Internet women nowadays have access to an overwhelming amount of information and no guidance. And at the same time this very media fuels fear and worry in woman through misinformation and panic making. That’s why I am here.

What if a mother doesn’t want a natural birth, and or considers medications and interventions?

Ilka: My role is to show you all the options and educate you on the different ways to experience your birth and all benefits and side effects, so that you have a choice. My client is the mother and I will make sure to support her without any judgment but empower her in her choices. I am on her side through all the rough times and help her embrace the changes in her body and spirit, so that she is best prepared and at the same time not attached and at peace with any outcome.